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Designers Spring/Summer 2018  Collection





Designers Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 Collection 



Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Season 6 : FW2017


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Season 5 : FW2016

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Designers Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 Collection




Spring/Summer 2017 Collection



Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

October 4th 2015 at 2pm-8pm

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Autumn/Winter 2015-2016
Saturday March 7th 2015

Temraza Haute Couture 100
logo Atelier Sorelle IULIUCCI Italy 100
logo alice lourenzo
mirage 4 100 EZIO NEW logo (2) Laurence Designer logo logo danielle obeline 100


Celebrity Designer Kym Stylz describes her inspiration as “a war to maintain individualism “. Kym is well known for her drop down gorgeous evening wear and celebrity entrepreneurs like Angela Simmons love KymCouture’s flair for the more casually cool fashionistas.
KymCouture Kollection will present their “Senior Runway” Collection during “Tiffany Paris Fashion Week and Competition” Spring/Summer Presentation 2015. Kym has dubbed this collection, “The Unique Collection”, sounds simple enough, but expect an uproar on the Rows during this presentation


Inspiration for Collection —


From the Ashes “Still I Rise”.

This season welcomes Bianchi’s 1st presentation outside of the UK. Bianchi’s 6th Collection is conveyed in a mood that encourages the collaboration of Art & fashion. Detailed works of intricate hand paintings stimulates the seasons story, expanding on the cultural struggles of taking flight projected in the style lines and silhouettes with a detailed exhibition of movement, the icon symbol of rising. Subtle pastels produce restful images of birds, petals and horticultural references. The theme demonstrates the elegance in forms of contemporary design direction. The collection boasts a palette of blue hues and neutral attributes that add warmth and a crisp coolness, soothing with the animatic paint of Avialae.

matthew cashe logo

Matthew Cashe

Inspiration for Collection
Fashion has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s my passion and my love. I also believe that style should be elegant and timeless. You will find that my style does exactly that, making a woman or man stand out in a crowd in timeless elegance
TeresaRosati_TeresaRosati_logo (2)
Inspiration for Collection
“The Bacall Look”

My main inspiration for this collection was the late, great star of cinema … Hollywood icon, Lauren Bacall.

She represented the glorious glamor of the Golden Age of cinema. Her style inspired generations since her first appearance on the silver screen in “To Have and Have Not” with her husband-to-be, Humphrey Bogart.
In homage to her unique, classic style, I have named this collection of mine, “The Bacall Look”.
“The Look” became her nickname, as she not only magnetized everybody with her sensual cat eyes, but she was also considered a great, original beauty.

Inspiration pour collection :
Signature du Désir by Nathalie Mourrain and Ornalys réunit deux univers d’excellence et de savoir faire symbolisant le concept de lingerie-bijou haut de gamme.
Ode à la féminité Signature du Désir fait rimer séduction et innovation.

Signature du Désir by Nathalie Mourrain and Ornalys présente des produits personnalisés d’inspiration romantique, des lignes essentielles et ultra féminines de matières et d’accessoires de prestige

Modèle 1 : Cygne Noir
Ensemble en coton de soie noir élastanne composé d’un soutien corbeille et d’un tanga fourreau agrémenté d’un coeur argenté vif cristaux Swaroski blanc

Modèle 2 : Enchanteuse
Ensemble en dentelle blanche et tulle composé d’un soutien corbeille et d’un boxer dentelle agrémenté d’un cœur doré vif cristaux Swaroski blanc et rouge

Modèle 3 : Amor Amor
Ensemble en soie imprimé liberty et dentelle composé d’un soutien balconnet et d’un tanga avec bordure dentelle agrémenté d’un cœur doré vif cristaux swaroski blanc et bleu


Inspiration for collection:

Signature du Désir by Nathalie Mourrain and Ornalys combines two universes of excellence and know how symbolizing the concept of top of range jewels-lingerie

Ode to the feminity Signature du Désir proposes customized products of romantic inspiration, essential and ultra feminine lines made of prestigious material and accessories.

Model 1 : Cygne Noir

Black silk cotton set made of a ¾ cup bra and a tanga fourreau decorated with a silvery heart with white crystals Swaroski

Model 2 : Enchanteuse

White lace and tulle set made of a ¾ cup bra and a lace boxer decorated with golden heart white and red crystals Swaroski

Model 3: Amor Amor

Printed silk liberty set made of a half cup bra and a tanga with lace decorated with golden heart white and blue crystals Swarovski (signed Ornalys)

LarryKayOjomo_LKMonAmi_logo (2)
Inspiration for Collection
“The Twist”

Woke up one morning, grabbed a can of Coke, after which I twisted it and then had a good gaze on it. There and then, I thought, “Oh, wow. This is beautiful”. Took my pen and sketch pad, and sketched a collection of twisted fabric designs.

This leads to the theme of my collection … “The Twist”.

Web Site

Sara's official logo


Inspiration for Collection
Avant Garde couture evening and wedding gowns takes you to the ancient Egypt’s Last Queen, CLEOPATRA.
The main inspiration behind our 5th collection, which is fully-crystallized by the luxury crystals, custom-made only for this collection from Asfour Crystal International.
The collection were pre-shown in HONG KONG in the opening of the ASIA FASHION JEWELLERY INTERNATIONAL FAIR, in Hong Kong — September 2013.

logo rev

Inspiration for Collection —

Marcella Jones-Penn began designing at the tender age of 12 years old and has loved creating and styling ever since. Throughout the years and in her professional real estate career, Marcella has grown to appreciate women in business and love to design for market.

marcella co. was birthed out of that vision to touch women’s lives with the gift of creativity, art and style through fashion. I strive to make designs that are timeless and amazing. I like to mix textures, prints and details to create new looks to classic styles.

marcella co. designs are for women that love to make a statement whether she’s at work or play. My designs are crisp and sleek with a modern edge. They are appropriate even for those unexpected, yet highly desired, meetings of opportunity.

In creating marcella co. I not only want to stop with apparel, but will add purses, shoes, accessories and then perfumes, beauty products, and hosiery. It is my desire to sell my designs in stores locally, statewide, national and internationally.

I love using my God-given talent of creativity, design and construction to watch God’s awesome work come alive through my hands.

In fact, marcella co. is your favorite designer you never met…’til now.


Inspiration for Collection —


Par sa volonté de reconnaissance, elle imagine une collection de pièces uniques, élégantes et délicates, déclinés en matières précieuses. Travaillant le Satin, la Soie, la Soie Lyonnaise, les bijoux, la dentelle, pour elle le détail compte. Ces créations sont attitrées comme une signature.

Elle ouvre sa boutique évoluant en suite vers un Loft un peu plus intimiste, pour une clientèle haute gamme. Désireuse de ce faire connaitre elle organise des défilés de Mode lors de réceptions mondaine, la dernière étant lors d’une soirée de Gala dans un Hôtel 5 étoiles sur Annecy.

GaloSanchez_GaloSanchez-DisenadorDeModas_logo (2) (2)
Inspiration for Collection —
Galo Sanchez – Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia on June 18, 1989, Galo’s interest are the arts, fashion designing, and painting. As time passed, he realized not only was his interest and talent in fashion designing growing daily, but he started to notice his focus was more on couture, being able to combine colors & textures with refined sensuality of materials that make a perfect, flawless finish. His designs show a continuous renewal that merges with endless creativity and inspiration that characterizes him.
Modality Haute Couture and Pret-a -Porter
His creations have been recognized in his country, and are projected in different parades, showcasing beauty queens. They look forward to wearing his creations. They can’t resist the temptation of seeing themselves transformed by wearing his creative collections. With his touch of style he converts them into a beautiful cultural figure.
He has participated in Ecuador Fashion Week, where he was given the name of “el príncipe de la moda boliviana”, which in English means “Prince of Bolivian fashion”. The designer of revelation, he was also awarded the prize of the show.
Since then he has echoed in other countries, and continues to be the winning look and designer.
LiubovJuravliova_JuravliovaLiubov_logo (2)
Inspiration for Collection —
At Paris Fashion Week, Luba will be showing a stylish collection of hand-made dresses and clothing. Luba specializes in painting on silk. She is a finalist in the competition, “Best Workers in France”, in this category. By using her fine art talents, she achieves unique, graceful creations with a graduation of colors that enhances the elegance. The results are clearly and beautifully romantic and chic statements of individual style. She sculpts her chiffon dresses, which gives more nuance and bulk of creations. The magnificent effects of the painting on silk must be seen in person in order to truly appreciate the artistic form and uniqueness of the pieces in the romantic collection.
Annabelle Bayart, Art Exhibitor
Art Bayart — Paris, France
Inspiration for Collection —

Le concept ART BAYART est né de la passion de sa fondatrice pour toute représentation artistique, esthétique ou poétique. Au cours d’échanges et de rencontres avec des artistes plasticiens, Annabelle BAYART a eu l’idée de réunir les compétences et les styles de chacun pour organiser « clé en mains » la scénographie et la mise en place d’expositions. ART BAYART organise des prestations sur-mesure en partenariat avec des municipalités, centres culturels, galeries d’art, hôtels, chez des particuliers etc.). Selon le souhait, cela peut-être une réalisation globale ou partielle de l’événement avec l’organisation et tout le suivi logistique. ART BAYART assure le lien entre l’annonceur et les artistes, le lien entre l’annonceur et les différents intervenants lors d’animations (ateliers, défilés etc.). ART BAYART est le « chef d’orchestre » de l’événement et a une large polyvalence et flexibilité. ART BAYART travaille également en partenariat avec des organisateurs de salons d’art tant en France qu’à l’étranger.

ART BAYART c’est aussi un collectif d’artistes plasticiens au talent reconnu. Il est composé de douze artistes peintres et de huit artistes sculpteurs.
Les Artistes

Les Artistes peintres et sculpteurs

DominiqueGruson_ RaisaAkopyan_Ornalys_logo (2)
Web Site: www.Ornalys.com
Inspiration for Collection —

Created in 1995, ORNALYS company proposes costume top-of-the-range jewelry, conceived with a collection of stampings, – heritage of a French bicentenary passion. All our products are handmade and 100% Made in France.

The articles are produced at the factory of our supplier of stampings at Savigny le Temple, near Paris, whose existence goes back to 1840 and who owns more than 120 000 models, inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The collections combine excellence and aestheticism of metal become lace. The jewels are made in copper, decorated with Swarovski crystals and tinted in gold, silver, bronze or dark silver (“canon de fusil”).
All our jewels are nickel and lead free, and our suppliers are certified ISO 14001 (Environmental certificate).

Inspiration for Collection

ORNALYS Company presents costume top-of-the-range jewellery:
Bangles and earrings (constellations and galaxies inspiration)
Black collection of bangles and earrings
Necklaces with various natural stones
Various rings and bracelets (flowers and birds inspiration)

Inspiration for Collection —
Arthlene Laudat LeGair is an award-winning high fashion celebrity couturier. She is currently the CEO of LeGair Brand Group located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Head designer at The LeGair Brand Luxury Boutique, and is widely-noted for her Couture dress made up of over 550 peacock feathers, which was featured in African Vibes magazine, Sparks magazine in England, and was presented in her collection at the African Vibes magazine fashion show in Los Angeles, in 2010, and Couture Fashion Week New York at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
She is a favorite designer of Hollywood actress, Tangi Miller, and gospel recording artists’ Lois Commodore and Deborah Hightower. Also a favorite designer to Celebrity Actress, Kari Wells, a model from London, England, and Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine star.


Inspiration for Collection —

Paris in the Park by Lily V Designs

Spring 2015 CollectionLily V Designs Spring Collection 2015 “Paris in the Park” embodies a strong independent woman who loves romance and excitement. She is alluring in bold prints and bold colors. She’s all about being effortlessly chic while obtaining comfort. She will always be noticed, wind blowing through her hair, while wearing Lily V Designs.


Rashad Logo

Inspiration for Collection —

Head designer Rashad Calhoun of Dahsar by Rashad will be showcasing his Victorian and Medieval inspired collection titled Dahsars Blood of the Runway. Dahsar by Rashad clothing line is a new and fresh look on todays style of fashion.


Video Footage and Catwalk Pictures from previous designers Spring/Summer 2014


Catouwear by Berny Martin



Hoàng Minh Hà
Project Runway Vietnam 2013″ Winning Designer
(Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam)
Former Supermodel for the top French Designers turned Beauty Ambassador for Crème de la Mer Beauty/Cosmétique and our VIP presenting designer

Cristalle De La Bruyère, of Tralala Paris (Paris, France)

JUNGLE is a smart collection: “Ready-to-Wear” clothing, ready to leave.

After many long years as a model in Paris, as well as traveling internationally, I found normalcy and decided to create my own collection. My purpose is to sublimate the woman with noble materials (subjects) such as silk, cotton, and Bogolan.

For more on Cristalle De La Bruyère, please visit www.TralalaParis.com Cristalle De La Bruyère Tralala Paris (Paris, France) http://www.tralalaparis.com/


Tiffany McCall Couture by Tiffany McCall Paris, France

Femme Victorienne Spring/Summer 2014

The inspiration for this collection titled “Femme Victorienne” S/S 2014 is inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth. After a journey to the Château de Versailles and England’s Diamond Jubilee, the collection was inspired by the lovely feminine royal colours of Queen Marie Antionette’s bedroom. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s elegant and formidable dress style and warobe. The fascination and réminiscence of the 16th and 17th eras lanced into the 21stcentury. The silhouettes designed in this collection are delicate heart shape bustier dresses with elegantly opened back forms, divine ruffle lace trimmings, Vintage Victorian umbrellas, hats and gloves throughout the entire evening wear collection. The Peggy handbags in this Victorienne collection will have a new twist. Hand sewn uniquely selected Ostrich feathers on each hand will accompany the dresses. The fabrics are Avant-garde French Lace from Calais France, luxurious silks designed by Yves Saint Laurent, and Swarovski Crystal­­­s with a royal colour palette of rich and soft hues. This high quality innovative collection like each of the collections is created to empower women whilst enhancing their femininity demonstrating the royal essence in every woman. Femme Victorienne at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris is an event not to be missed. Gros Bisous

www.tiffanymccallcouture.com and www.tiffanysfashionweekparis.com

Tiffany McCall
Tiffany McCall Couture
(Paris, France)

Sushma Patel of India

Midnight in Paris!

A rendezvous in Paris had me mesmerized by the two elements that run parallel to each other, yet are in sync and in harmony, painting a spectacular city, called Paris.

Through the eyes of a designer, I wanted to capture this contrasting feature in my collection … The romance of the city, with the sharp architecture of the Eiffel Tower under the blanket of the midnight sky.

The collection reflects this feature with the floral embroidery teamed with the sharp, abstract prints. My signature style of tone-on-tone embroidery in floral accents on lace and tulle of varying transparencies, illusion necklines, sheer sleeves and backs, full-skirted dresses flowing towards long and floaty gowns capture that essence of romance. The sharp prints in black and grey bring out the complexity of the Eiffel Tower. Grey to black tones with glittering diamonds and crystals bring out the enchantment of my collection.

I believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and that is what I portrayed in my collection.

For more on Sushma Patel, please visit www.SushmaPatel.us

Visit our “Sneak Preview” Event Page —
* http://www.facebook.com/events/587545287930275/Sushma Patel of India

Sushma Patel
Sushma Patel
(Mumbai, India/Atlanta, GA, USA)

Luis Machicao, of Luis Machicao Couture (Cusco, Peru/Charlotte, NC, USA)

This collection is dedicated to a new angel in Heaven … My mentor and dear friend, Herman Phynes, whom shared this insane passion for fashion with me.

Inspiration –Nothing is new in fashion! Every single detail was already done, I just needed to look at this collection and realize that “retro is in” … The magnificent shapes of the 1950’s are the inspiration for this collection, the way the fabrics embrace the feminine bodies and then felt down, making the women feel like they are wearing a second skin. Sumptuous cuts and classy shapes makes this proposal another alternative to the little black dress.

For more on Luis Machicao, please visit www.LuisMachicao.com

Luis Machicao
Luis Machicao Couture
(Cusco, Peru/Charlotte, NC, USA)


Soucha Mlihigue
Soucha Haute Couture
(Cairo, Egypt)
ChandraPeyton_DauphineOfFranceCouture_logoChandra Peyton, of Dauphine of France Couture (Louisville, KY, USA)Dauphine of France Couture, is a women’s clothing line and indie film company. Owned by Designer & CEO, Chandra Peyton, and co-owned by Model, Natira Brown.In this line, Chandra designs sexy, risqué and unique styles of fashion for clients who prefer custom designed unique clothing. My ultimate goal for Dauphine of France Couture is to meet the criteria set down to become a member of France’s Haute Couture Elite, and to expand this line internationally in order to reach fashionistas all over the world.We are elated to have made this opportunity available for us designers all over the world that have dreams of showcasing our talents in Paris, France.For more on Chandra Peyton, please visit www.DauphineOfFranceCouture.com
Chandra Peyton
Dauphine of France Couture
(Louisville, KY, USA)


Tehra Pilar of the USA

To entitle my collection, the most fitting name would be “Paris Being the Muse”.

My collection is a play on a romantic view of Paris, Parisian architecture, the beauty of the city, the dismal but cozy elegance that is nostalgic and reminiscent of a stroll through the Champs-Élysées in between changes of a new season; the excitation and perception of Parisian life … You will see fabrics and textures that mimic the architectural structures of Paris’ landmarks, art, gardens, fountains and all that Paris embodies and offers to deliver and dispense those romantic qualities. Paris Etant la Muse!

For more on Tehra Pilar Williams, please visit www.TehraPilar.com

Tehra Pilar Williams
Tehra Pilar Designs
(Baltimore, MD, USA)


Marco Marcu, of M. Marcu Fashion Design (Frankfurt, Germany)

“Black & White – Night & Day” … A homage to Coco Chanel

One of the most famous Fashion Designers, Marco Marcu, is coming to Paris to take part in “Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris”.

The glamorous fashion show by Marco Marcu presents Spring/Summer 2014 “Black & White – Night & Day” will instead find on 28th September, in Paris, France.
“Superiority of Dresses”
Black: “I think that black has everything”, say Coco Chanel
White: Simple, Fresh, Grown and Noble

Slim, modest, in jersey, viscose, lace or silk summer will hold on to its dress line, so successful up to now. With classical necklines and mostly sleeveless. In the question of lengths, the knee remains the key, sometimes asymmetrically skimming, sometimes straight and narrow. Extremely feminine, luxurious and sexy dresses captured the language of Chic, Cool & Classy.

For more on Marco Marcu, please visit


Marco Marcu
Marco Marcu Fashion Design
(Frankfurt, Germany)


Giovanni Lo Presti, of Gio Fashion (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts…

The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t.

The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret… but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back.

That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the part where you’ll see something you’ve never seen before!!! The part we call “Le Prestige.”

For more on Giovanni Lo Presti, please visit www.GioFashion.com

Giovanni Lo Presti
Gio Fashion
(Lausanne, Switzerland)


John Ashford, of Authentic by John Ashford (New York, NY, USA)

John Ashford is a shoe designer, visual artist, illustrator, photographer, author, and teacher. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in Commercial Art, Ashford traveled to many cities in The United States, and around the world. He learned the process of constructing the perfect stylish and comfortable shoe from an old veteran cobbler in Naples, Italy.

Marrying those exquisite lessons and his natural artistic ability, he created The John Ashford Collection in 2003. In late 2012, he birthed Authentic by John Ashford. This unique brand defines couture with high fashion art, where each shoe is an artistic masterpiece hand crafted and signed by John Ashford himself. His shoe collection has been featured Italy around the world including, Africa, England, France, Germany, , Japan, Switzerland, and many other countries.

The limited edition line is currently sold online at www.AuthenticByJohnAshford.com, in select stores, select boutiques and the “Authentic by John Ashford” Showroom in New York City.

John Ashford
Authentic by John Ashford
(New York, NY, USA)