Tiffany McCall Paris Shopping Network by NetRunway.com



Bonjour, Ladies & Gentlemen.

At this time, I wish to officially announce a “Sneak Preview” for a very special upcoming event …

Tiffany McCall Couture, in association with NetRunway.com, presents “Tiffany McCall Paris Shopping Network by NetRunway.com” — Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 — Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse — in New York City.

In the words of Executive Producer, Tiffany McCall …

Mission Statement —
“Tiffany McCall Paris Shopping Network by NetRunway.com” is inspired by “Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris”. In the efforts to provide clients a continuous worldwide live fashion shopping channel via internet by International Designers. The concept was created by David Hanrahan after identifying the need to continue supporting designers between the seasonal Fashion Shows with a quarterly live Shopping Network. 

Concept —
The NetRunway.com online store is designed to sell items shown on the runway. The sale of the items on the runway may be made at the time of the show or thereafter using the video of the show produced by NetRunway.com. The designers will assist with the uploading of any pictures, video, pricing and descriptions of the outfit or items to be listed in the online store. 

“Tiffany McCall Paris Shopping Network by NetRunway.com” will be filmed live around the world. Moreover, there will be famous international musicians performing between the Fashion Shows. Filmed in luxurious restaurants and exclusive hotels in New York, Paris, Cannes, Miami, London, Moscow, and around the world. The first six (6) episodes will take place in New York, Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Miami, and Los Angeles. 

To ensure that the audience and worldwide viewers are constantly entertained at the exciting innovative live fashion show; there will be international musician performances. After each live fashion show, the participating designers will have a permanent virtual shop on NetRunway.com — the High Fashion Online Boutique with a worldwide audience looking for European and international talent constantly.

Location —
“Tiffany McCall Paris Shopping Network by NetRunway.com” will film our first live worldwide Fashion show at the famous Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse in New York — 1141 Broadway, in New York City. In addition to celebrity musicians, whom have played with the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Billy Joel. 

The event will have live performances between the shows and free gift offers throughout the event by Tiffany McCall Couture. Come join us for a Parisian and New York marriage of fashion, entertainment, live worldwide broadcast and glamour; in one of the top Fashion Capitals of the world la belle Manhattan New York City.

Participating Designers at the moment are the following …

Former Supermodel for star French Designers like Yves Saint Laurent, turned Beauty Ambassadrice of Crème de la Mer, and Fashion Designer, Cristalle de le Bruyère, of Tralala Paris
(Paris, France)

Tiffany McCall of Tiffany McCall Couture Paris
(Paris, France)

Berny Martin of Catou Wear
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Odile de Changy of Paris
(Paris, France)

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Courtesy of Videographer, Dave Hanrahan, of NetRunway.com (Marlborough, MA, USA), here’s video of “Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris” Press Party @ Paris Marriott Hotel – Champs-Élysées …